A lion’s part of this activity comes from our association with the International Corporate Finance Group (ICFG), one of the leading Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) advisory organizations focused on the needs of buyers and sellers of businesses around the world. Its member firms (usually, but not always, one member firm per country), located throughout Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, have been closing cross-border deals for the middle-market since 1956. Rain represents ICFG in Ukraine.

Depending on a particular situation, our range of financial advisory activities may include some or all of the following as related to private placements of capital:

  • 1developing an overall strategy in the purchase/sale situation, including selecting and organizing the work of other project participants (auditors, legal counselors etc), comprehensive organization of the whole process
  • 2locating a suitable target company to buy on the local market
  • 3project marketing
  • 4comprehensive negotiating and accompanying a deal at all stages up to its closing
  • 5company/asset valuation
  • 6preparation of the comprehensive investment package (incl. Investment Memorandum)
  • 7transaction structuring (including, for example, optimal structuring of business ownership prior to deal marketing)

Helping one of the mortars industry’s largest companies from France and a high-growing plastics producer from Austria to buy suitable companies in Ukraine are examples of our financial advisory practice nowadays.


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