Our Clients are emotionally involved in their business and understand it well. Moreover, our most productive cooperation takes place when there is clearly one majority owner willing to follow the details of our common company development efforts and authorized to make decisions. We also have successful cases of cooperation with companies owned by several owners, yet in such cases all owners still have to be willing to follow the details of our common company development/reorganization efforts.

Most of our Clients are not against disclosing the fact of our cooperation. Yet, because we describe (although in general terms) some stories of cooperation on our website, if we listed our Client names here, then linking some stories to specific Clients would be quite easy. And most of them would not be willing to disclose such information to the general public. Therefore, at our discretion we only share such (still non-confidential) information with potential Clients during personal meetings. Some of our Clients also do not mind if our potential Clients call them for a reference about us.